website1The Mwingi District in Kenya is at the Equator where sunlight cannot benefit for long hours. About 60% of around 400.000 inhabitants of Mwingi live on less then a dollar a day, by being one of the poorest areas in the whole country, receiving electricity does not seem tob e possible in the next 50 years.

To have a relatively bright future in that district, children have to get hight education. Therefore they need light tob e able to study.

In a district where both natural and finacial conditions are against, Children of Mwingi have a limited future.

The objective is to provide 20 school with solar asystem within a preriod of three years, to lighten the future of children.

Lighten Their Future Project
Officials will have to close 100 primary schools and 20 secondairy schools wich are off the national electricity grid and not likely to get electricity for the next 50 years in the project area.
Mwingi District has a total of 360 primary schools (each with an average of 600-800 pupils), approximately 252.000 pupils, and 53 secondary schools, each with an average of 300-400 students (approximately 21.200 students).
Out of the 20.000 enrolled in standard within the project area at any one given year, 60% drop out before making it to class eight.

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Helping the children in Mwingi, Kenya